O the weather outside might be frightful, but with Zinn the inside of your house will be delightful!!! With a Furnace, Boiler or Heat Pump tune up for $119. Your Tune Up includes a thorough cleaning of your system from top to bottom. Our certified Technicians will Tune up your equipment to ensure it operates safely and at maximum efficiency(saving you money). In addition we include a Free Carbon Monoxide test and a Free 1″ or 2″ Filter.   Remember with Zinn, all the time you’re home you’ll be warm.

To Schedule Now Call: 330-722-0159

Your HVAC System not running properly?

Our Technicians are glad to come out and certify the integrity of your HVAC system. We don’t diagnose, WE CERTIFY, there’s a difference. We document in writing and then explain the issue, along with the cost and availability of parts necessary for repair. Our Tech’s have hundreds of parts and are often able to fix your unit right on the spot. So contact us today to schedule your HVAC Certification.  HVAC Certification for your home is $119 per unit and for Commercial Buildings, including Roof Top Units, is $149 per unit.

Thinking about or needing to replace you HVAC System?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the options you have as a consumer. Here at Zinn we are Comfort Consultants…not Sales People.  We aim to inform you of the options you have as the property owner, not “sell you things you don’t want or need.”  Proposals on new equipment are always FREE at Zinn, no matter if it’s for your residence, church or business.