Funny noises, high heating and air conditioning bills and odd odors may mean something is not working quite right with your heating and air conditioning system. Zinn Mechanical is available for heating and air conditioning service 24/7.

We recommend Tune Ups in the Spring for your air conditioning and Fall for heating system. Tune Ups are quite intensive and take one to two hours to fully complete. This is not a “Check Up,” it’s a Tune Up, so not only is your system clean and functional, it’s Tuned Up for maximum efficiency. That saves you money on your utility bills every month and and prolongs the life of your your equipment and investment you made.

During a Seasonal Tune Up or Service Call, feel free to ask questions about your system or thermostat. Our Technicians are there to make your life easier. Consider a Service Agreement and let us take the worry out of caring for your heating and air conditioning system.