Condensers (Air Conditioning)

Warm weather is finally here! It’s time to have your air conditioning serviced before it gets hot. The key is to have your Air Conditioning serviced at the beginning of every season to ensure it runs all summer as efficiently as possible. A dirty condenser (like the one shown), not only harms the longevity of the unit, but harms the efficiency as well. That means a normal $100 electric bill turns into a $200 bill for each month it is dirty! A dirty condenser runs twice as long to keep you comfortable. Over time the oil that lubricates your compressor turns into acid because it gets too hot and ruins the Air Conditioning unit. We can’t stress enough that the maintenance we perform pays for itself! Avoid costly repairs and schedule your Air Conditioning clean and check today!


Adding humidity to heated dry air makes it feel warmer, helps reduce dry skin, dry nasal passages and static shock. You can turn down the thermostat and still feel warm, so a humidifier could also help you save money.

A humidifier enhances the benefits of an HVAC system, by keeping the air quality in your home in good condition – along with your health. Health problems can occur when the humidity level in your home is too low or too high, so it is important to make sure your HVAC unit has a good humidifier. A good humidifier will also help you conserve energy. It’s a good idea to perform a once-a-year maintenance check on your HVAC system, which should include a check of your humidifier to ensure its proper functioning.

Air Filters

A responsible homeowner would never dream of skipping a house payment or failing to pay monthly utility bills – but how many overlook a simple maintenance chore that could save big bucks in heating bills and furnace repair or replacement costs. A dirty air filter can cause the heat ex-changer in a furnace to overheat and crack – resulting in an expensive furnace replacement. That’s why it is important to replace a standard one-inch AIR FILTER regularly every 30 days; schedule it each month just like attending to monthly bills.

  • Change your AIR FILTER each month when you make a house payment.
  • Write the date-of-change on the outside edge of the filter, so there is no doubt how long it has been in use.
  • Save on utility bills and potentially costly furnace replacements.
  • Fall is the best time to get your heating system checked for efficiency and safety – but it’s never too late to start maintaining your furnace to save on unnecessary expenses. Call Zinn Mechanical for a free estimate.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save money on your next utility bill.

Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat can set back the temperature when your at work or just away from home. Why heat or cool your place if your not home? Also a programmable thermostat can lower or raise the temperature while your sleeping and automatically change back. Honeywell has what is called “smart technology”. This means if you want the temperature at 72 degrees when you wake up at 6 am. The house will be at 72 degrees not just starting to warm back up.

We also install a wireless thermostat that is capable of monitoring and changing the temperature using your smart phone or tablet

A popular thermostat option is a water monitor alert that will pop up on your smart phone in case your basement starts to flood or the temperature goes to low or to high in your home.